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[News] Art Effect 4 ported to OS4ANN.lu
Posted on 07-May-2004 19:44 GMT by Peter Gordon28 comments
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Spotted on amigaworld.net: "On 15 May at the AmigaOS 4 Event in Essen, Stefan Robl will present the AmigaOS 4 version of Art Effect for the first time in Germany. Juergen Haage from Haage&Partner will be present at the event as a guest."
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Comment 2Sammy Nordström07-May-2004 19:06 GMT
Comment 3Peter Gordon07-May-2004 19:15 GMT
Comment 4Bill Borsari07-May-2004 19:18 GMT
Comment 5Jon07-May-2004 19:41 GMT
Comment 6Anonymous07-May-2004 19:52 GMT
Comment 7Jupp307-May-2004 20:00 GMT
Comment 8Bill Borsari07-May-2004 20:12 GMT
Comment 9Bill Hoggett07-May-2004 20:54 GMT
Comment 10JKD07-May-2004 22:49 GMT
Comment 11Bill08-May-2004 02:24 GMT
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Comment 13Amon_ReRegistered user08-May-2004 06:53 GMT
Comment 14Tripper08-May-2004 07:19 GMT
Comment 15Anonymous08-May-2004 08:00 GMT
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Comment 21Anonymous08-May-2004 10:01 GMT
Comment 22Anonymous08-May-2004 10:24 GMT
Comment 23miksuh08-May-2004 10:31 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous08-May-2004 11:05 GMT
Comment 25Richi08-May-2004 12:15 GMT
Comment 26Bill Hoggett08-May-2004 14:16 GMT
Comment 27Emeric SH09-May-2004 07:20 GMT
Comment 28Jon10-May-2004 07:53 GMT
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