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[Events] Elena Novaretti (ZoneXplorer - PowerIcons) is present with a Peggy II at WEBBITANN.lu
Posted on 08-May-2004 16:00 GMT by Raffaele49 comments
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I have news that Elena Novaretti, author of good software programs such as ZoneXplorer and Power Icons (and a known Pegasos fan and owner) is also present at Webbit Padova with a Pegasos II kindly furnished by Pegasos Italia just for the exhibition event. We expect soon impressions of Webbit show from Elena, and news about the impact which Peggy II made to italian public. Wow!!!

After 10 years of absence to important events here in Italy, two Amiga based platforms are there!

More! I have news that the booth by Virtual Works, Ikir Sector, Soft3, Bitplane (with partecipation by Eyetech, ZetaOS and Cloanto people) IS A DOUBLE-SIZE booth.

Very impressive.

And more, seems that (basing upon Ikir statements on the web), there are two Pegasos at Amiga booth...

Amiga has a Very Very strong presence and a lots of opportunities to impact the public at Webbit Italy.

Good news for our beloved platform.
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