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[Events] AOS4 Event EssenANN.lu
Posted on 15-May-2004 17:21 GMT by Amon_Re25 comments
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Little report from the show, pictures will follow after i get some rest :P

To the people who'll whine about lack of news, it's hard for me to judge what's new & what's not, i'm sure people will fill in things i didn't mention The show was nicely done, there were nearly a dozen A1's (both ATX & ITX versions) on display, all running AOS4.

The following people where there:
- Me
- Alan Redhouse
- Petro T. Tyschtschenko
- The Frieden brothers
- Timothy De Groote
- Guido Does (?) from Vesalia
- Ron Van Dyck (Computer City)
- Sebastian Brylka (Amiga Insider)
- Alexander Lohrmann (The guy who's writing the interpative 68k emu)
- Steffen Hauser
- Jens Shoefield (Individual Computers)
- Chip (One of the guys behind Moovid)
- The Coyote Flux guys
- Volker Mohr

And a whole bunch of people i don't know :)

Alan held a speech about the goals of the MicroA1, and their targets, he explained also why China is very intrested in low power comsuming computers. Also, there will be a Remote Windows Client available for AOS4.
After his speech he held a questions & awnsers session, but there weren't any really important questions asked, or facts revealed, so not much news there, and two questions asked about Pegasos (live flamebait ;))

The friedens didn't do a speech, but they were more then willing to awnser "when it's done" to whomever asked about "when will we see AOS4?"

Also on display was Arteffect 4, FreeSpace, AudioEvolution and alot of ports of emulators and simular Open Source programs (Mame comes to mind)

The small room where the event was held was constantly full of people, and it was intresting to speak with Petro, who is now doing consultancy work for Gericom.

Pictures will be online soonish


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