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[Forum] Internet TV patentANN.lu
Posted on 17-Jul-2004 09:33 GMT by Amon_Re62 comments
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Yet another software patent that shouldn't have been granted :( See here
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Comment 24Darrin18-Jul-2004 02:52 GMT
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Comment 26Darrin18-Jul-2004 05:11 GMT
Internet TV patent : Comment 27 of 62ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 18-Jul-2004 06:16 GMT
In reply to Comment 24 (Darrin):
"Most people I know (except students and the unemployed) work for a living. If you've just spent "x" hours/days/weeks developing a program then you are entitled to reap the rewards without someone stealing the idea, cloning it and passing it onto the world with no consideration to the hours of sweat that you've put into the project."

Take a look into the way this sector evolved, copying idea's has always been here, and you have copyrights to prevent that of happening.
(For instance, Microsoft obtained the right to use parts of MacOS in Windows 3)
Software patents are unnatural due to the nature computing works, what would happen, for instance, if Microsoft were to create a "new" internet standard with nifty features, only to keep it locked up in their portfolio & only make it available to windows? The rest of the world would be locked out, and don't you dare reverse ingeneer their protocol, or you'll have the DCMA up your ass...

"Now I understand people being worried that someone will patent a simple programming trick that everybody might need and then sit on it and demand royalties for it, but that's just blind scare mongering and it's the same as anti-abortion protestors waving pictures of partial birth abortions around and claiming that it "happens all the time". I guess some people believe that oil companies have a patent for a car engine that runs on water locked in a dark vault somewhere in Area 57."

No it's not scare mongering, it's knowing the history of computing, and understanding how we got here in the first place.

"Sorry guys. If someone does some hard work then they deserve to get paid for it. This isn't being "communist" (in fact, it's exactly the opposite). Trying to prevent people being granted this protection is the worst idea, as it will stifle innovation."

No, it will keep the guy on edge, making sure his implementation remains the best, and if someone does interfere with his code, there's always the anti-competition laws and copyrights, you don't need patents for that.

"The only reason we have patents is to protect people's rights. If the "hippies" didn't think they were entitled to steal and reverse engineer peoples property then we wouldn't need them. The only reason we have copy protection on DVD's is because there is an element in this world that thinks that they are entitled to something for nothing and delight in pirating everything they can find. It reminds me a bit of Seehund's efforts to get OS4 on open firmware mobos so that his supporters can pirate OS4."

This has absolutely nothing to do with copy protection on dvd's, besides, the lawsuits in that field are all based on the DCMA act, and don't get me started on that piece of filth :) Besides, without DeCSS there would be no DVD players on linux or AOS or MOS, is that what you want? And you don't need DeCSS if you wanted to copy a dvd in the first place.

"Thanks for listen folks. I'll put on my flame retardant jacket now.... :-) "

It's gonna be needed.
#29 Darrin
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