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Posted on 17-Jul-2004 09:33 GMT by Amon_Re62 comments
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Yet another software patent that shouldn't have been granted :( See here
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Comment 24Darrin18-Jul-2004 02:52 GMT
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Comment 26Darrin18-Jul-2004 05:11 GMT
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Comment 30Darrin18-Jul-2004 07:40 GMT
Internet TV patent : Comment 31 of 62ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 18-Jul-2004 08:23 GMT
In reply to Comment 29 (Darrin):
>Take a look into the way this sector evolved, copying idea's has always been
>here, and you have copyrights to prevent that of happening.

No, the laws do not "prevent" it from happening - otherwise it wouldn't happen. The law allows offenders to be punished for commiting the crime. Likewise the Patent itself is not going to stop the code being use, but it will allow the owner the ability to chase down and seek damages from those that do.

There are already laws to persue damages, but patents not only allow you to keep the stuff to yourself, it locks it for 15 years, the problem is that patents are not legal all over the world, plus you have the right to disasm a program in order to maintain compability, this is what patents legally block, amongst others, and thus invalidates that right, do you want to return to a world of propriaty filetypes? Or do you want to be able to use your data in the way you wish? It's not just about locking idea's up, it's also about the way you handle YOUR OWN DATA in the end (check out M$'s patents on XML extentions)

>(For instance, Microsoft obtained the right to use parts of MacOS in Windows

and? Did they pay for them? Doesn't this show that patents work?

No, they told Apple that if they wanted Office, then they had to give Microsoft those rights (in other words, microsoft used it's Office suite as a leverage to wrongfully obtain Apple's sourcecode (well parts of it anyway) because they knew Apple had no alternative)

>Software patents are unnatural due to the nature computing works, what would
> happen, for instance, if Microsoft were to create a "new" internet standard
> with nifty features, only to keep it locked up in their portfolio & only make
> it available to windows? The rest of the world would be locked out,

I'm sorry. I see nothing wrong with this example. If Mircosoft want to purchase or fund the R&D into such a feature then it's theirs to do with as they see fit. If they only want to include it in Windows and you want it that badly then buy Windows. If I want a BMW then I have to buy a BMW. If I want a chicken sandwich then it is pointless to buy a BLT and then complain loudly that there is no chicken in it.

Your analogy is flawed, it would be like having to buy a BMW to be able to use diesel fuel, it's not the technology alone that's affected by patents, it's also the way data is distributed, and made available.

>and don't you dare reverse ingeneer their protocol, or you'll have the DCMA up
> your ass...

LOL. And black helicopters overhead too :-)

Just for the kicks, put up an mp3 with a songtitle on your webspace, and wait for the RIAA bots to pick up that filename, you'll be suprised how quickly you'll receive a letter from them

>No it's not scare mongering, it's knowing the history of computing, and
>understanding how we got here in the first place.

Are you suggesting that if a certain Frenchman put a patent on a certain weaving loom then we wouldn't have got Space Invaders?!!! ;-)

No, i'm saying that if Xerox had the "marketing skills" of Microsoft, there would have been only one OS with a decent GUI, the rest would have been sued to death (and this does include AOS amongst others)

>No, it will keep the guy on edge, making sure his implementation remains the
> best, and if someone does interfere with his code, there's always the anti-
>competition laws and copyrights, you don't need patents for that.

That's a bit late once your code is stolen and distributed for free or if your idea has been cloaned and sold to the world. The only thing the guy will be on the "edge" of is missing his next mortgage payment.

Tell that to Netscape then, the situation you describe is simular enough to bring up that bit, about abusing monopoly positions & effectively killing your competition by giving away simular stuff for free (granted, this doesn't involve patents)

>This has absolutely nothing to do with copy protection on dvd's,

I was using DVD's as an example on how copyright alone doesn't protect anything and how there is a population who want everything for free. Welcome to the Napster Generation. :-)

Patents won't change that, patents is only good for the corporate world, lets assume you have a patent on something, and microsoft abuses it, do you think you have any chance in the world to win? With your financial status compared to the hordes of lawyers M$ has?

> besides, the lawsuits in that field are all based on the DCMA act, and don't
> get me started on that piece of filth :) Besides, without DeCSS there would
> be no DVD players on linux or AOS or MOS, is that what you want? And you
>don't need DeCSS if you wanted to copy a dvd in the first place.

Why not? Surely someone would legally be able to release such a beast after payments have been made to the right people? Ah... we're arguing about PAYMENTS again. You know what I think of free meals ;-)

It's not so simple, there are only 400 DVD dechriptor keys available for licencing, wich means the licence fee will probably be an amount higher then the linux community (or the AmigaOS community) can afford, CSS is maths, if you allow a patent on a mathimaticall formula you'll open up a whole other pandora's box (iirc there are already patents on mathimatical formula) if i buy a DVD, it is within my rights to play it on whatever platform i choose (the fair use act, wich is in conflict with the DCMA act), CSS is a means by the RIAA to make it, amongst others, hard for people to use imported dvd's, if i visit eg, the US, and buy a DVD there, why should it be forbidden for me to watch said dvd at home?
#35 Darrin
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