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Posted on 17-Jul-2004 09:33 GMT by Amon_Re62 comments
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Yet another software patent that shouldn't have been granted :( See here
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Comment 1Kolbjørn Barmen17-Jul-2004 10:14 GMT
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Comment 24Darrin18-Jul-2004 02:52 GMT
Comment 25Kronos18-Jul-2004 04:45 GMT
Comment 26Darrin18-Jul-2004 05:11 GMT
Comment 27Amon_ReRegistered user18-Jul-2004 06:16 GMT
Comment 28Amon_ReRegistered user18-Jul-2004 06:28 GMT
Comment 29Darrin18-Jul-2004 07:22 GMT
Comment 30Darrin18-Jul-2004 07:40 GMT
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Comment 32Kolbjørn Barmen18-Jul-2004 08:34 GMT
Internet TV patent : Comment 33 of 62ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 18-Jul-2004 08:38 GMT
In reply to Comment 30 (Darrin):
>Because the 'net is filled with GIFS already, most people out there don't even
> know there's a patent on GIF files, and as such, they use the format, forcing
> others to obtain a licenced app to display them, or to be stuck with ilegal
> apps or the unability to display the file altogether. Software patents like
> these are a burden for smaller or open source OS & apps.

If open source apps cant use them then it's up to the website designers to stop using GIFS. Blame the website designers. It is possible to make websites frames, Java and GIF free... just not as functional.

Frames aren't patented, Java is somewhat open source (it's a simular licence iirc), GIFS, however, are a data format, and patenting a way to save data to a magnetic storage medium are things wich should never be patented, as they conflict with the right of the author to use his data as he pleases.

>You SHOULD NOT be able to patent a UI.

I was agreeing there.

Then where would you draw the line? If you disallow the patenting of a UI (wich is also software) why would you allow it for a data storage format like gif or M$'s bastardised XML?

>and more are granted even today. And whats worse is that they last 15 years or more.

Ah, but what's 15 years when the Universe has been around so long...

15 years in this sector are like an eternity.

>But car accidents don't have the risk of destroying a whole market, your
>analogy is bogus.

Patents are not going to destroy the whole software market.

We don't know yet, because they aren't valid all over the world, what if tomorrow the EU accepts software patents, and IBM or British Telecom or whomever desides to use their patents to sue their competitors to the ground? Or worse, say you create an app that implements a way to store files, and some big corporation thinks you are abusing their patent (of wich you had no prior knowledge) and starts sueing you for x amount of damages? What if, before you even start writing an app, you have to check the whole patent directory just to make sure no-one patented something remotely simular to what you were planning to do? It would kill the small companies, hobby programmers, and in the end, probably also linux

> Besides, had there been no "copying" (immitating would be a
>better word), the computing world as we know it would be completely different,
> after all Xerox would be the only one with a usuable GUI.

Unless they granted licenses to use it... besides, as you have poined out, it would have expired by now. See, 15 years wasn't so long, was it? ;-)

Wich means the Amiga wouldn't be possible, untill somewhere arround 1990, same for Apple, Atari & Microsoft, the market would have stagnated, alot of innovations wouldn't have happened....

>Do you know what is involved in obtaining a patent & what the cost(s) are?

According to the advertisments that are constantly on the TV, about $200 for the kit and then the nice people will process the whole thing for you (or steal your idea and claim it was theirs). I think they're called "The Inventors' Network".

And do you know the costs involved in defending a patent? For starters, the lawyer fees? Believe me, the small man in the street will be screwed left right infront & behind by big corporations

>Kronos was actually refurring to the way corporations persue their copy
>rights, and how they enforce it upon people, i have internet, i can download
>just about any cd or dvd i want, yet, i own over 300CD's & 100DVD's, because i
> buy what i like,

Just like most law abiding citizens. You should see my DVD collection!

The law has actually nothing to do with it, it's more a principle thing, besides, i like shiny boxes :P

> now, had i been unable to play DVD's on linux, i would have bought none dvd

Really? I don't have Linux and it doesn't stop me playing DVD's... or most of the world doing it either.

Yes, because i happen to run linux quite alot, it's my main os, infact, there's no DVD player installed in the windows partition i have

>i bought it, it should be my right to use & abuse my dvd's as i see fit,

No, just because you own a DVD doesn't mean you can use it as you see fit. For example, owning a DVD does not give you the right to use it as a weapon to kill someone. You are still limited to the used that you can put your DVD to whether you like it or not. When DVD's came out there were lots of cons going around on converting your existing CD player into a DVD player for only $19.99 and there were a lot of angry people who thought it was their right to be able to play DVD's in CD players (after all, they do fit!).

You very well know i was refurring to "fair use"

> but the DCMA, for instance, makes playing DVD's on linux a crime, so
> technicly, i'm breaking the law (had i lived in the states)

I wasn't aware of that. It's sad, but if that is the law then too bad. If I want to watch a DVD then I'd better use my Windblows computers or my stand-alone players. No hardship there.

For you, perhaps, for me, it's a violation of my rights (fair use)

>MorphOS, Lindows, AROS, linux.... the list is huge

Dohhh!!!! Oh bugger!!! You've done it now!!! Now we're going to have EVA post something nasty, and then someone will tell him to sod off, and then someone else will.... what have you done!!! Moderator!!! Moderator!!! Help!!! Delete the above line quick!!! :-)

I'm pretty sure she would agree with me :P
#34 Kolbjørn Barmen #38 Darrin
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