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Posted on 17-Jul-2004 09:33 GMT by Amon_Re62 comments
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Yet another software patent that shouldn't have been granted :( See here
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Comment 37Kolbjørn Barmen18-Jul-2004 09:25 GMT
Internet TV patent : Comment 38 of 62ANN.lu
Posted by Darrin on 18-Jul-2004 09:46 GMT
In reply to Comment 33 (Amon_Re):
>GIFS, however, are a data format, and patenting a way to save data to a
>magnetic storage medium are things wich should never be patented, as they
>conflict with the right of the author to use his data as he pleases.

But the data doesn't have to be stored as a GIF. The data can be stored in another format. If I decide to store data as a GIF then it's my fault.

>Then where would you draw the line?

Tough question and I don't know.

>We don't know yet, because they aren't valid all over the world, what if
>tomorrow the EU accepts software patents, and IBM or British Telecom or
>whomever desides to use their patents to sue their competitors to the ground?

We don't know... exactly. I doubt that BT will be able to sue anyone over something that wasn't illegal at the time. If the US government makes drinking tea illegal today then I'm not going to get jailed over the cup that I drank yesterday.

> Or worse, say you create an app that implements a way to store files, and
> some big corporation thinks you are abusing their patent (of wich you had no
> prior knowledge) and starts sueing you for x amount of damages?

If you had no prior knowledge then you're probably going to get away with it. Perhaps the big corporation will grant you a license.

Mind you, if you had tried to patent it as well then you'd have found out that someone beat you too it. ;-)

>It would kill the small companies, hobby programmers, and in the end, probably
> also linux

No, you can program things using code that doesn't have patent restrictions or that has ahd the patent run out. This should be fine for Linux as it's about 15 years behind Windoze and all Linux users wear tank-tops and bell-bottom trousers!!!! <that was a joke!!!>.

>Wich means the Amiga wouldn't be possible, untill somewhere arround 1990, same
> for Apple, Atari & Microsoft,

It could have been licensed, or all of those excellent games could have been coded to run from the CLI and use a joystick only.

>And do you know the costs involved in defending a patent? For starters, the
>lawyer fees? Believe me, the small man in the street will be screwed left
> right infront & behind by big corporations

Or you would have an army of lawyers offering their services for free in order to get 50% of the huge settlement they're going to win you.

>The law has actually nothing to do with it, it's more a principle thing,
>besides, i like shiny boxes :P


>Yes, because i happen to run linux quite alot, it's my main os, infact,
>there's no DVD player installed in the windows partition i have

no DVD drive either? I can hear Bill Gates crying from here ;-)

>You very well know i was refurring to "fair use"

I know. And you know I know. And I know that you know that I know. ;-)

>For you, perhaps, for me, it's a violation of my rights (fair use)

You have some strange ideas on what a "violation" is. ;-)

>I'm pretty sure she would agree with me :P

LOL. And that's the scary part!!! :-)
#40 Amon_Re
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