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Posted on 19-Jul-2004 12:26 GMT by pixie26 comments
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While seeking for some Linux tools, I get into www.tinyapps.orgto, one place devoted to small software for PC. What I liked the most was this sentence... "How about BeOS, *nix, Amiga, QNX, etc?" Those who are comfortable using these operating systems need no such guide as this;
clean, well-made software is the rule rather than the exception.
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The way others (still) see us ... : Comment 25 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by pixie on 21-Jul-2004 14:57 GMT
In reply to Comment 24 (Darth_X):
There's a Portuguese proverb that says it all:
'After the storm comes the calm'

People will eventually realize that this situation isn't good to no one...
We have plenty of solutions, all Amiga like and people fail to realize we're all in the same boat, instead, they all the 'glory' for themselves, *we are the only true amigans*, they say, as if they were aproved by some entity... you go to some irc chat using a pc, and you risk being kicked just because you're not talking on an Amiga.

People can't be treated like that, we'll you can but you get what you seed...

For me, none of the main products is in a viable form, but all have the potential to be, you already have 3 native solutions an lots of emulation ones, and guess what it is *a good thing*(tm), if programs could be made shareable between systems, you could have an exponential increase of software base for them all, momentum gathering more momentum...

There are things AmigaOS do like no one, I felt a bit like AOne user felt for some time,I now have linux only on my pc, my only relief is UAE, but boy, does it screem!! And it's not even at is full best, had it better graphic system and it would be a major kicking in the arse!;) People doesn't even realize they can have systems with less resources (silent!) that react quicker then their current setups.

Had Amiga had a Office beater and Internet browser compliant with the latest standarts and many things could change, until then...
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Comment 26Sammy Nordström22-Jul-2004 04:02 GMT
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