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Posted on 19-Jul-2004 12:26 GMT by pixie26 comments
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While seeking for some Linux tools, I get into www.tinyapps.orgto, one place devoted to small software for PC. What I liked the most was this sentence... "How about BeOS, *nix, Amiga, QNX, etc?" Those who are comfortable using these operating systems need no such guide as this;
clean, well-made software is the rule rather than the exception.
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The way others (still) see us ... : Comment 9 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Ferry on 20-Jul-2004 06:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Darth_X2):
"A lot of people, including those in the Linux, QNX, Windows communities, use the now known as classic Amiga hardware & software designs as a good example of how to do things right. The Mac community would never agree though, because they believe they have been doing things right from the very beginning.

However, the horrific split in the community into blue and red segments (invented and endorsed by the so called red side) would be an example of how NOT to behave.

Only three questions:

1. One thing that could help to keep noise as low as posible would be to post ON TOPIC. www.tinyapps.orgto is talking only about file sizes, not about behaviours or sides... It is very usual to take things out of context, even minor questions like this very one, in order to throw mud over.

2. For the sake of fairness, it would be good to provide some proofs when accusing someone of doing something. When an accusation is made without any proof, it only helps to raise noise and mud level.

3. There are many people using/betatesting/developing for A1-Peg-Classic that NEVER post to sites like ANN, where their legitimate questions or opinions can be dragged to any kind of flame war,or because they don't like the way things are discussed here. So oppinions expressed here should not be taken as a representation of the state of things: it's usually a few people posting too much, even as anonymous... As a general advice -somebody else said this already- one should post as if his/her grandma were to read the post, i.e, in a very polite and reasoned way.


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