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[Events] The Best of Both Worlds: New OS4 beta and MOS 1.5 beta in FinlandANN.lu
Posted on 23-Sep-2004 06:42 GMT by saku174 comments
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Why guess, listen to rumours, compare months old public releases and continue speculating online? Why not participate in a friendly duel and come see the state of the art for yourself! Finnish Amiga Users Group is pleased to demonstrate the best of the both worlds at its annual meeting this coming Saturday: AmigaOne running a new AmigaOS 4.0 beta and Pegasos II running MorphOS 1.5 beta. The time and place to be: 14 o'clock, Saturday 25.09.2004, Opetusravintola Eetvartin Kellarikabinetti, Sumeliuksenkatu 16, Tampere, Finland.


The Best of Both Worlds: New OS4 beta and MOS 1.5 beta in Finland

TAMPERE, FINLAND - September 23st, 2004 - Why guess, listen to rumours, compare months old public releases and continue speculating online? Why not participate in a friendly duel and come see the state of the art for yourself! Finnish Amiga Users Group is pleased to demonstrate the best of the both worlds at its annual meeting this coming Saturday: AmigaOne running a new AmigaOS 4.0 beta and Pegasos II running MorphOS 1.5 beta.

Encouraged by the recent technological advances within the extended Amiga community, the Finnish Amiga Users Group is once again excited to showcase the latest progress. Colour blind since its inception, the Finnish Amiga Users Group welcomes everyone - and attendance is free as usual. The time and place to be: 14 o'clock, Saturday 25.09.2004, Opetusravintola Eetvartin Kellarikabinetti, Sumeliuksenkatu 16, Tampere, Finland.

Also attending is Finnish Amiga retailer Gentle Eye Ky. Welcome!

About Finnish Amiga Users Group

Finnish Amiga Users Group (officially Suomen Amiga-kšyttšjšt ry.) is a registered, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Finnish Amiga computer users by preserving and advancing the Amiga hobby and knowledge of the Amiga computing platform in Finland. The group aims to reach its goals through volunteer efforts such as organizing events and publishing an e-zine called Saku. For more information, see http://saku.amigafin.org.

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The Best of Both Worlds: New OS4 beta and MOS 1.5 beta in Finland : Comment 21 of 174ANN.lu
Posted by takemehomegrandma on 24-Sep-2004 06:31 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (Kjetil):
> Itís not like you are can compare them equally yet

Of course you can! They are both work in progress, and comparing "the latest betas" of the two is a good way to see the state they are in at this particular point. A very interesting comparison IMHO.

> OS40 continues to be unfinished work

MorphOS is also a work in progress you know, even though the latest public release doesn't lack as many important components as the latest public release of the OS4 did (the pre-release).

> there are several components not present in the present beta if Iím not
> mistaken

I would at least expect the "OS4 beta" to ship with all necessary drivers for peripheral devices, I would expect lots of things to have migrated to PPC especially the P96 and all the other things that made the "pre-release" so unbearably slow, I would expect improvements in the 68k emulator, I would expect improvements in the TCP/IP stack and network drivers (I have not been able to get it working satisfactory at all), and last but not least, I would expect wheel-mouse support (a small thing to ask for perhaps, but a real annoyance to live without). Those are all very basic things that really should have been in the pre-release from the beginning.

It would be really nice if they also managed to ship it with PowerUP and WarpUP support, as well as the JIT emulator, and if they manage to get those things so seamlessly and transparantly integrated into the OS as they are in MorphOS. However, I believe that the chance of that happening at *this point* is close to zero.

> You canít really compare them on software titles ether as there MorphOS has
> bin around longer then AmigaOS

Both OS's are currently in development, and *of course* you can compare the current state in which they both are right now. And that is interesting!

> I think you need to wait until AmigaOS4.0 is finished to compare it whit any
> thing else.

And when is an OS finished? When development stops? Isn't that more equal to "death" than "finished"? IMHO, an OS that is still being actively developed is never really "finished", so what you may compare is different public releases and, as in this case, current betas, which should reflect the current state of the OS's pretty well ...
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