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[Web] How to make an updated bootable AMIthlon CDANN.lu
Posted on 01-Oct-2004 07:26 GMT by Lorence Lombardo4 comments
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The reason why you would want to update your existing Amithlon CD is that the original kernel may not support your current or future hardware. The latest version of this help document is available from my homepage.
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How to make an updated bootable AMIthlon CD : Comment 1 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by top on 01-Oct-2004 17:37 GMT
great I hope now I will can make a new CD with my generic AmigaOS3.9 system.

an Amithlon HDisk allow to boot AmigaOS in Full speed on any PC hardware with the new Amithlon Open kernels !!

Amiga Inc/Kmos & Hyperion should support the Amithlon Open team, UAE team and Aros team to support them in an official support to bring even a better support of AmigaOS for PC hardware too.

AmigaOS on PC hardware can be competitive VS Linux alternative solutions that are becoming more and more popular.
#2 Kal-L
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