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[Web] How to make an updated bootable AMIthlon CDANN.lu
Posted on 01-Oct-2004 07:26 GMT by Lorence Lombardo4 comments
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The reason why you would want to update your existing Amithlon CD is that the original kernel may not support your current or future hardware. The latest version of this help document is available from my homepage.
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How to make an updated bootable AMIthlon CD : Comment 4 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by top on 05-Oct-2004 04:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (T_Bone):
I think that the future for Amiga need too a support for X86 hardware parallel at PPC hardware developpement because PPC market is not popular, and the only way to make public interest to Amigaos is to bring an official X86 and an open politic, a little like we can see today on linux community.
for example an amigaos4 could be ported has it has already C sources that can be compiled in most cases in 68k hardware. If the sources are compiled in x86, every body know that this will make an amigaos4 x86 very fast too.
teams like Amithlon open, UAE and AROS should work together to make a common way of work, to bring more and more apps for X86 harwdare under AmigaOS.
this will be benefic for amiga comunity and for Hyperion/eyetech and Amiga inc and probably generate money. the potential Amiga market in PC harwdare is enormous.
AmigaOS can be developped in parallel in PPC and X86 hardware at the same time by different developpers.
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