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[Forum] Morphos for x86 at last?ANN.lu
Posted on 13-Oct-2004 05:41 GMT by Cruncher49 comments
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Apparently MorphOS for x86 exists! See here: X86/MorphOS 1 0 MOO! http://www.morphos-news.de/guides/rc5-72/dnet-mos-stats.php Unless of course someone was tinkering with an x86 client to get it to contribute to MorphOS/PPC stats and forgot to change the architecture flag...
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Comment 2Nicolas Mendoza13-Oct-2004 05:25 GMT
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Comment 5hooligan/dcsRegistered user13-Oct-2004 05:55 GMT
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Comment 7miksuh13-Oct-2004 06:25 GMT
Comment 8Anonymous13-Oct-2004 06:34 GMT
Comment 9Nicolas Mendoza13-Oct-2004 06:36 GMT
Comment 10Anonymous13-Oct-2004 06:38 GMT
Comment 11Anonymous13-Oct-2004 06:40 GMT
Comment 12miksuh13-Oct-2004 06:43 GMT
Comment 13hooligan/dcsRegistered user13-Oct-2004 06:52 GMT
Comment 14Anonymous13-Oct-2004 07:01 GMT
Comment 15hooligan/dcsRegistered user13-Oct-2004 07:09 GMT
Comment 16Olegil13-Oct-2004 07:18 GMT
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Comment 18takemehomegrandmaRegistered user13-Oct-2004 07:34 GMT
Comment 19Anonymous13-Oct-2004 09:01 GMT
Comment 20hooligan/dcsRegistered user13-Oct-2004 09:14 GMT
Comment 21takemehomegrandmaRegistered user13-Oct-2004 09:32 GMT
Comment 22Anonymous13-Oct-2004 09:47 GMT
Comment 23Anonymous13-Oct-2004 10:00 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous13-Oct-2004 10:04 GMT
Comment 25Anonymous13-Oct-2004 10:17 GMT
Comment 26Anonymous13-Oct-2004 10:21 GMT
Comment 27takemehomegrandmaRegistered user13-Oct-2004 10:23 GMT
Comment 28Tryo13-Oct-2004 10:51 GMT
Morphos for x86 at last? : Comment 29 of 49ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 13-Oct-2004 11:47 GMT
In reply to Comment 25 (Anonymous):
Well, it's clear that this idiot is in the blue camp....Don't you think? Maybe this "person" was eager to test his hex edit masterpiece that he has to test it?

Again try to think for once....
#31 Anonymous #32 takemehomegrandma
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