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[News] Directory Opus Magellan Worldwide AnnouncementANN.lu
Posted on 20-Oct-2004 09:43 GMT by ece (Edited on 2004-10-20 12:30:55 GMT by Christian Kemp)40 comments
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Gothenburg, Sweden, October 20th, 2004. Guru Meditation and GPSoftware are proud to announce that they have reached agreement on the acquisition of the exclusive, worldwide rights to Directory Opus Magellan for the Amiga platform from GPSoftware. This legendary file manager that started on the Amiga will finally be coming back in a new version in 2005! source: Amigaworld.net
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Posted by gary_c on 20-Oct-2004 12:58 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (Darrin):
and the Loch Ness Monster is "supposed" to exist... ;-)

Really? I heard it was pretty much debunked already. ;-)

If you're right then it's good news for MOS users and we can expect some screens shots soon, yes? If you're wrong then I don't think it's a good idea to stick your neck out and make a statement like that or some people will be quoting it and using it against you for the next 10 years ;-)

Screen shots soon? No, I doubt that very much. Nobody said anything about when Ambient might get that far. The talk was about DOpus compatibility with MOS and somebody said it isn't important because they want to cover the same tasks with Ambient. (I don't even remember exactly who said what, so categorize this as total rumor or something.) I could really care less if anybody wants to "use against me" some second-hand statement I heard and repeated. It's sad that they would be so desperate for entertainment or amunition or whatever. :-)

-- gary_c
#23 Darrin
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