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Posted on 22-Oct-2004 10:29 GMT by takemehomegrandma53 comments
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The Pegasos II is featured in an article on the website AppleLinks. The article is called "Pegasos - An Alternative Power PC Platform" and it's a good read for newbies interested in a PPC solution other than the Mac.

One of the big stories on the Mac Web last week (and ongoing) was the Cherry OS emulator that is claimed to run OS X efficiently on X86 PC platforms. It remains to be seen whether Cherry OS can deliver, but there is another alternative to Apple hardware that is capable of running the Mac OS in emulation.

The article then describes the Pegasos system, covering it's CPU's, OS's, etc, and sums up what it's all about in a quite nice way. Read the article here: http://www.applelinks.com/pm/more.php?id=2546_0_1_12_M

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AppleLinks: "Pegasos Inside", a nice article about this alternative PPC platform : Comment 27 of 53ANN.lu
Posted by minator on 22-Oct-2004 13:13 GMT
Whoever sboing claims to support he has done nothing other than shot himself in the foot.

His post lead to a good old Red Vs Blue spat which we expect on ANN but...

What will anyone reading those comments going to think?

They'll see a load of accusations and counter accusations being thrown concerning the Pegasos, A1 and MicroA1. They'll probably wonder what the hell they're getting into and not bother with either. If the same thing happens with an article on the A1 it'll have the same result.

All this arguing helps no one, it's divided the community into 3, some red, some blue and the rest -the biggest part- have gone elsewhere. It is hardly likely to get any new people in.


Besides it'd be much better going after Windows users, they have plenty to complain about, they have reasons to look elsewhere. If you've got a Mac you probably got it for OS X and they don't have much of a reason to look elsewhere.
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