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[News] Aladdins Lamp Newsletter is BackANN.lu
Posted on 26-Mar-2000 16:41 GMT by Christian Kemp
Rod Volkmar writes: The last issue of Aladdin's Lamp was the 1st quarter of 1996. Published and edited by Aladdin 4D's creator; Greg Gorby, it was a wealth of tutorials and inside information on one of the Amiga's great 3D packages. Now it's four years later and the 'Lamp' is back! Read more below. The new version of Aladdin's Lamp and the premiere issue of ImageFX currents are brought to you by two members of the same team of Aladdin 4D owners that originally converted the older issues Aladdin's Lamp to the online format.

The current issue features articles by the likes of Bob Lanham and Dave Matthews, who have been contributors in the past to the Lamp and to Amazing Computing, respectively.

The original newsletter would have cost you upwards of $35 a year - and well worth it. However, the new Aladdin's Lamp is free to anyone with a Web browser and Net access! Such a deal!

Contributions for future issues are actively solicited from the users/readers. Non-exclusive rights granted to Nova Design to publish; all rights to art, meshes, and articles revert to the authors. Articles are published upon acceptance; and are also gathered into quarterly issues for those who like reading the articles all at once.

Check out the latest Aladdin's Lamp and ImageFX Currents on Nova Design, Inc.'s website at www.novadesign.com in the ImageFX and Aladdin 4D sections - if you visit regularly you'll also appreciate the "What's New?" page that has also added so people can check to see if new articles are available

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