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[News] RC-FTPd offer at WOASEANN.lu
Posted on 01-Nov-2002 06:36 GMT by Robin Cloutman1 comments
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For the duration of WOASE, I'll be offering rc-ftpd registration for the freduced price of 10, instead of the usual $20 (13 + commision) As I'm feeling nice, and am completely broke (petrol and entrance money only), while I'm at WOASE people will be able to register rc-ftpd in cash, in pounds, and in person. I'll take their details and give them a receipt, they'll get the personal keyfile when I get home and email them out :-)

See RobinC's Website for how to recognise me.

RC-FTPd offer at WOASE : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by James "Cyber2th" Albrecht on 01-Nov-2002 13:14 GMT
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