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Posted on 11-Jan-2003 02:06 GMT by Stefan Schulze21 comments
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The new homepage of Dreamworlds Development is online. Some parts are still missing but the old page is still accessible. The update of Crossfire II is released which offers some new features and fixes all known problems. Furthermore a demo version of Crossfire II is available at the download page or soon on Aminet. The demo version (11.7MB) contains:

- the tutorial and 2 missions from the campaign mode
- a restricted multiplayer mode
- no animations and music to keep the archive small

Just give it a try. :)

The update is available (4.7MB) here and contains:

- Alternative graphics functions that do not use ChunkyPPC. Solves problems when playing on Pegasos systems.
- Campaign mode texts available in German.
- Can be played in a Workbench window.
- When beginning a new pilot the tutorial can be skipped.
- The present weapon is marked with some light effect.
- New music score especially for mission 11.
- Many mission details changed.
- Solved weird colours when playing in 8Bit without screen fading.
- Crash in mission 26 solved.
- "File is not executable" solved.
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Posted by jhogs on 11-Jan-2003 17:01 GMT
demo (ppc) started up flawless in the first try!
(im used to ppc stuff not behaving as it should)

great work!
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Posted by mahen on 11-Jan-2003 17:18 GMT
Yeah ! Finally !

Damn, too bad I can't try it right now :(
(I'm not at my peggy :( :( )

(tried a pre-version some times ago)

People, be sure to give it a try and reward its devoted programmer ;)
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Posted by Anonymous on 11-Jan-2003 19:58 GMT
I wanted this game before Christmas, still know where to buy it online though.

I am not sending cash!
Crossfire II News : Comment 4 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Kronos on 11-Jan-2003 20:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (mahen):
Runs quiet nicely on the Peg.

If now only one would write a driver for my joypad ......
Crossfire II News : Comment 5 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by amidelf on 11-Jan-2003 22:58 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Kronos):
hehe, wellthats what so nice with classic Amiga!no need for any extra drivers for joysticks or mouse!!!
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Posted by mahen on 11-Jan-2003 23:32 GMT
Any comments on the game ?

'can't wait to try it !
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Posted by Roj on 12-Jan-2003 00:29 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (mahen):
After realizing that control with a keyboard alone is a fast way to fail the
mission, I actually cheered when I managed to blow something other than my
own puny little ship up. This elated feeling was quickly overcast by the
sorrow of seeing my own ship spew forth sparks and smoke before making a
grisly fade to black...

Good game! Might be a tough level for a demo, but looks like it could be
loads of fun!
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Posted by Andreas Magerl on 12-Jan-2003 06:12 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Anonymous):
on the publisher page www.apc-tcp.de with paypal....
Crossfire II News : Comment 9 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Kolbjørn Barmen on 12-Jan-2003 06:37 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (amidelf):
Well, you need dedicated support or a driver to use a real joypad on
classic amiga as well. Same goes for analog joysticks etc, you might
even need to build your own adapters, like for some of the old flight
Crossfire II News : Comment 10 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 12-Jan-2003 07:37 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (Kolbjørn Barmen):
Analog joystick support is built into AmigaOS. Look in the ROM Kernel
Crossfire II News : Comment 11 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Kolbjørn Barmen on 12-Jan-2003 09:04 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Don Cox):
Well, that would have to be limited support, considering all the "hacks" that exists.
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Posted by Thomas Schulze on 12-Jan-2003 13:54 GMT
I just got some mails asking for how to switch weapons. Sorry, I forgot to mention that in the ReadMe.

The preconfigured way to switch weapons is by tipping back shortly at joysticks. You can change about anything in "options -> player options" menu. I for example play it solely at keyboard and having a seperate weapon switch key.

There will be a small update online at our website in about a hour. It solves the memory hits on Pegasos (querying the 4player adapter, no harmful problem) and it contains an extended ReadMe to explain the various ways of control and the rest of the options. Stay tuned.

Oh, and please pay attention to choose "ChunkyPPC fullscreen" in the Graphics system choices the first time you run the prefs program. The prechosen "AmigaOS fullscreen" option is somewhat slow and should be used only if nothing else helps.

Bye, Thomas
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Posted by Game player on 12-Jan-2003 15:57 GMT
I see Amiga is back to destroy the competition with its games. LOL
Crossfire II News : Comment 14 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Leki on 12-Jan-2003 18:51 GMT
shouldn't that be the english flag on the first page? ;)
Crossfire II News : Comment 15 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by q on 12-Jan-2003 20:04 GMT
For gfx-cards, is there only support for CGX?
Crossfire II News : Comment 16 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Stefan on 12-Jan-2003 21:59 GMT
@14: Yes, I'd like an englisch flag more, too. We'll change that later, I think.

@15: Piccasso 96 works, too.
Crossfire II News : Comment 17 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Tonya on 12-Jan-2003 23:16 GMT
In reply to Comment 16 (Stefan):
My A1260ppc/mediator ran this game from the very first moment, the demo runs aswell!Good work, i love the game....now if only i had os4 for the a1... .)u dont need to send money (cash), u can use PAYPAL from the apc-tcp website (the publisher) .for all who dont know what this is , then check paypal.com .There is only 1 niggle with this game, and thats "thougness" later in the game, but then again that makes u try harder :)
Crossfire II News : Comment 18 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by mahen on 13-Jan-2003 11:00 GMT
very cool game. I ordered it.

GFX are great, but sadly only 320*200... Some filtering would help a
lot on hi-res monitors...

Keep up the great work ;)
Crossfire II News : Comment 19 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by tonya on 13-Jan-2003 14:32 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (mahen):
Only 320x200 ?? , play it in wb mode :) and in 320x256x16 (if u have a rtg+ppc anyway)anyway i dont see any need for more filters (i havent tested AGA version) and it does look good in WB mode, and its in wb mode that i will play this (or have).cool game and i love it, now if only it had TCP/IP :)
Crossfire II News : Comment 20 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by ehaines on 14-Jan-2003 03:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (mahen):
You mean 320*240. ;) Yes, it does look pretty blocky on a 19" monitor, and
yes I suppose they could do a 640x480 mode with bilinear interpolation blah
blah blah, but honestly it doesn't really matter as much as all that when
you're flying around blowing stuff up....
Crossfire II News : Comment 21 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by mahen on 14-Jan-2003 13:35 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (mahen):
320*240, sorry !

I use the amigaOS routines on pegasos, so no window mode right now.
However, playing in a tiny window is not that pleasant, and
fullscreen, even on a 17" monitor is hardly bearable ;)

I exaggerate, but a little optional filtering would be easy to do, for
higher end machines (peg/a1).

Anyways, that's a really good game.
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