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[Events] Win a Pegasos at PUSH, May 20-22!ANN.lu
Posted on 17-May-2004 19:32 GMT by Johan Rönnblom13 comments
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Pegasos User Group of Sweden, PUGS invites everyone to PUSH , a three-day nonstop event in Gothenburg, Sweden for people interested in Pegasos and/or MorphOS. A demo of MorphOS 1.5 will be shown, and you also get the chance to win a G3 Pegasos with 128MB memory. The main purpose of this event is to get together and help each other out with MorphOS, Linux and other Pegasos related issues.
Also on offer is:
- Demo of MorphOS1.5, showing
--TCP/IP stack
--Radeon 3d drivers
--Altivec support
--..other bits & pieces.. :-)
- How to install Linux on your Pegasos
- The quiz! Answer some questions related to Pegasos&MorphOS and you have the chance of winning a G3 Pegasos1 motherboard with 128MB memory included. Some of the questions are easy.. some are hard.. and some are *very* hard!

More information about PUSH can be found on the homepage.
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