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[Motd] ANN v3 rewriteANN.lu
Posted on 09-Sep-2001 01:46 GMT by Christian Kemp19 comments
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Obsolete information, removed from the main page on 17-09-01. Rather than showing an "under construction" page, I decided it was better to re-activate the old pages until I'm ready with the v3 rewrite of ANN's scripts. Meanwhile, posting has been de-activated, and I'm busy learning, and working with, SQL, PHP4, HTML4 and CSS2 to update ANN to 2002 web standards. Obviously, my plan to get this working within a few days was overly ambitious, but I'm doing as much as time permits, and hope to present a barebones system within the next few days. Of course any kinds of comments, requests or suggestions are welcome.
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