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[Motd] I'am out of here.ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Jun-2002 17:29 GMT by Christophe Decanini156 comments
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Hi, Despite the fact that ANN is successfull when speaking about visit numbers I think it is bad in a number of ways that Christian or Teemu/I do not control.
In order to focus on something better for the Amiga platform I will leave this board for a while until the climate become better. I may still help Christian if required but won't be there everyday as I used to do. There are some individuals that love to fight and create animosity between the last people doing something for our platform. There is nothing I can do to make them understand that there are no good and bad people but just some courageous people with limited ressources that try to offer us a future for our platform. They should be an example to follow, not people to be insulted at. People such as Ralph Schmidt, the Frieden brothers and some others did the right thing and I will follow their example with avoiding coming here to read (mostly) useless comments.
Maybe there is a technical solution to implement to kick/bann such individuals or disable comments on some threads. I don't know if Christian wants to implement it or if it is to much work.
I feel depressed as ANN was for me the best news site. Victim of its success it drained all the frustration Amigans stacked these last years. ANN success is based on the fact that YOU can make it good posting interesting stuff. ANN is bad because we can not avoid the fights in the comments.
Let's focus on the quiet people that still release software or content for our platforms. Let's post reviews, links to their site etc instead of fighting again and again. I hope things will be better soon. If so I will come back. I hope to see your names in new Aminet ReadMe files.

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