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[News] Predator updateANN.lu
Posted on 15-Sep-2000 18:52 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš33 comments
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Eyetech have a large update on the Predator expansion board, outlining amongst other things the technical merits of the product's chosen solutions. They say, "The Predator will be available in two different form factor designs, one for the A4000 desktop and one for the A1200. The A1200 form factor version will come with 3xPCI and 1 x AGP simultaneously usable slots and will fit in any tower capable of taking a Z4 busboard. The A4000 desktop form factor version will come with 2xPCI and one AGP slots plus one shared PCI and regular, Video Toaster-compatible A4000 video/Zorro3 slot (making 4 simultaneously usable slots altogether). Both form factor versions will also have provision for a G3/G4 PPC & SDRAM slot. Each form factor design will be available in two versions, the Predator-SE and the Predator-Plus. The Predator-SE will be a low cost version supporting PCI cards only, albeit over the high speed PPC local bus connector (see below). The Predator-Plus will be the fully featured version with AGP, G3/G4 and SDRAM slots activated. A trade-in/upgrade option will be available for purchasers of the Predator-SE who subsequently wish to add Predator-Plus facilities." The SE versions are planned to be released in November (A4000 version) and December (A1200 version) with the Plus versions following in early 2001.

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