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[News] Amiga.org is back.ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jun-2001 17:31 GMT by Christian Kemp1 comments
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Kent Seaton wrote: Thanks to the help of some sincerely great guys in the PHP world, Amiga.org is back online. What happened to the quest? It's still alive.... The issue was, we want to rewrite our site to get completely away from PHP-Nuke, but after seven mockups and one final, we realize that writing it will take literally months to get up and running.

Since we're now on a highly expensive dedicated server, it was decided that during those months, we would rather have something than nothing, hence we enlisted the help of some gurus from around the web, and (hopefully) completely repaired the existing database in the meantime.

Coming back up under PHP Nuke also means that we can write the new site around the existing data, making it a LOT more transparent to the end user when we do finally finish our coding of the next Amiga.org..

Rest assured, we are now instituting a full backup system for our data, so this type of situation, while always possible, should never endanger our data again.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your input during our down time, I simply wish I could have done more to suggest that HTML 4.01 does not mean "Flash", "Java" and other related web stuff. This mockup "http://news.amiga.org/" is proof that HTML 4.01 and the Amiga are not mutually exclusive.

In any event, welcome back, but look to the future... Let us know if you need anything.

Wayne Hunt

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