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Posted on 08-Jan-2003 20:50 GMT by Troels Ersking (Edited on 2003-01-08 22:28:22 GMT by Christian Kemp)59 comments
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Troels Ersking wrote: Contrary to rumours being spread around the web, Eyetech are still aiming at a release for late January. Hyperion now also got a working DUAL G4 card from Eyetech, nothing new about when that will hit us users. Links added by me. AmigaOne XE news!

AmigaOneXE G4 is still due for delivery late January. Local dealers might get them a bit later.

The AmigaOneXE design(single G4) is currently finished in consumer ready state, awayting deliveries of the G4 processor.

Other great news is that AmigaOneXE DUAL G4 is currently being used by Hyperion, hope AmigaOS4 will support that processor module soon after release.

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