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[News] First impression from CESANN.lu
Posted on 13-Jan-2003 05:13 GMT by Senex8 comments
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Daniel Miller posted a first short impression about CES to comp.sys.amiga.morphos after returning from the show: I just got back from Las Vegas where Genesi had a stand to introduce the Pegasos, MorphOS, and related products. I was there on Friday and Saturday. Genesi had about 11 Pegasoses going, some running Debian Linux and Mac-on-Linux, most running MorphOS. Felix Schwarz of IOSpirit was there demonstrating his program fxPaint, which really is great.

I met "bigfoot" and "greenboy" from IRC who are very cool. I also met Thierry Velasco, Gerald Carda, Raquel Velasco, Bill Buck and others from Genesi.

A lot of people were checking out the MorphOS stuff and asking questions. Genesi seemed to be making some positive connections. At least one representative from RealNetworks stopped by, and there were other impressive visitors to the stand.

I am really ridiculously tired and sleepy right now, but I will write some more soon, and I hope to put some pictures online too. Everything seemed to be going very well. Oh yeah, MorphOS was extremely stable. For the better part of two days, I was surrounded by and using 7 or so Pegasoses running a variety of programs on MorphOS and I did not see a single crash, or in fact any glitch at all really. Everything is really coming together now.
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