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[News] Amiga hosting provider suffering denial of service attackANN.lu
Posted on 13-Jan-2003 05:57 GMT by John Klos18 comments
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Sixgirls Computing Labs, which is known for providing hosting services on Amiga hardware, is experiencing a massive denial of service attack of unprecedented magnitude. reva.sixgirls.org, an Amiga 4000 which provides hosting for nearly 300 domains and more than 150 users, is the victim of another denial of service attack.

A previous attack saturated the 10-base-T connection of the Amiga server with over 7 Mbps of syn packets, which caused loss of most connectivity for part of a day, but the machine was put behind another Sixgirls server with 100-base-T connections which filters this traffic.

Another attack began at midnight EST Sunday morning. Information from the upstream router shows that this attack is using 150 Mbps of traffic to make the connection unusable. Measures will be put into place to block this traffic upstream, and normal service should resume sometime Monday. The authorities are investigating.

Temporarily, you may have trouble accessing sites which are hosted on reva.sixgirls.org, such as:
and others.

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