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[News] Pegasos to go on sale on Monday - Pegasos II to be available in September 2003ANN.lu
Posted on 21-Feb-2003 19:45 GMT by Senex318 comments
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As Genesi announces on MorphOS-News.de, the next Pegasos-I-boards will go on sale on Monday: To Whom it May Concern:

The Pegasos will go on sale Monday.

There are 300 to sell and 100 that will go to MorphOS Developers and Employees.

If interested to purchase a Pegasos mainboard or fully configured machine:

1. Contact your Distributor
2. Contact Phoenix
3. Contact Genesi

When these are sold there will not be another release until August/September 2003. The next release, the Pegasos II, will have double data rates, three 1 Gb/s ethernet channels, and Dual G4s. Genesi will not release a new version until then.

We want everyone to understand this before they purchase the Pegasos available now. All Betatester boards will be exchanged with the first priority.

An upgrade credit will be offered to Pegasos I buyers. The Pegasos I will not have a G4 upgrade.

Thank you and best regards,


Note: Please contact Genesi directly to get your replacement board with April chipset (if you haven't done so far). Thank you.
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