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[News] Pegasos I, II, and upgradesANN.lu
Posted on 25-Feb-2003 02:01 GMT by Phaidon (Edited on 2003-02-25 14:48:20 GMT by Christophe Decanini)50 comments
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Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco (sp?), Genesi, posted a follow-up note regarding the February 21st announcement which said "The Pegasos I will not have a G4 upgrade." Apparently, [and quite understandably, IMO] this has caused some confusion. According the the post on MorphZone.org, what was meant was that the soon-to-be-discontinued Pegasos I will not be "re-released" shipping with a G4 CPU, but that upgrade CPU modules will naturally be offered to customers who own a Pegasos I, and that Peg I owners can also trade in their Peg I plus $200 for a new Peg II board. [IMO: After all, there won't be much use in selling newly made Peg I boards shipping with a G4 module, when the G4/DDR/whiz-bang Peg II will be available, just like for example the Teron CX is discontinued when the Teron PX will be available.]

Furthermore, they write that OpenBSD now runs on the Pegasos, that when the fixed Articia is released, then the Pegasos I design could be used by a licensee, that "the STB 'deal' pays for everything", and that there are about 230 Pegasos I boards left.
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