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[News] Retro Replay and RR-Net availableANN.lu
Posted on 14-Sep-2003 07:19 GMT by Jens Schönfeld13 comments
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The new production run of Retro Replay is finished, and at the same time, the networking card for C64, RR-Net, goes on sale. Please mind that the ami.ga domain is currently not working! In time with the announced date, the new production run of the Retro Replay is finished. Compared to the old cartridges, only cosmetic changes have been made: The most significant change is the colour: Blue instead of black. After many requests by users, the jumpers are now mounted straight, not to the side. To ensure proper mounting in our new cases, the mounting hole has been moved and changed in diameter to perfectly fit the transparent cases.

At the same time, the networking card RR-Net is going on sale. The card is plugged to the expansion port of the Retro Replay, and allows connecting the C64 to an intranet. Although the operating system Contiki is freeware, we have an agreement with the author Adam Dunkels: He gets paid for every RR-Net unit that's sold. Contiki is an operating system that offers many features in very small space: A TCP/IP stack, a web browser, a webserver, a VNC-client and of course a graphical user interface. It is included on a 5,25 inch disk for the C64. To make use of all features of Contiki, an intranet with router should be available.

As an introductory offer, there's a network-bundle. It contains:

Retro Replay
RR-Net with Contiki
transparent case
worldwide shipment

together for only 100,- EUR!

Please use the contact form at our website for your order. Unfortunately, our domain ami.ga does not work at the moment, because the republic of Gabon is currently migrating their internet connection from satellite to undersea cable. Even with our server in Germany, both the website and email addresses are affected, but the contact form works reliably!
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