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[News] SuperBundle Registrations for non- serialized Pegasos-I boards will end March 14thANN.lu
Posted on 13-Feb-2004 01:20 GMT by Nate Downes10 comments
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As of midnight March 14, 2004, SuperBundle Registrations for NON-Serialized Pegasos-I boards will end. If you own an UNSERIALIZED Pegasos-I board and have not applied for your SuperBundle, please do so ASAP. Again, this applies only to owners of a Pegasos-I that does not have a serial number and have not already applied, or recieved, their SuperBundle Registration Number. Pegasos-II owners and owners of serialized Pegasos-I boards will not be affected. After the above date, a Genesi spokesperson stated that the only way an owner of an unserialized Pegasos-I can recieve a SuperBundle is to take their machine to an authorized Genesi representative to be serialized.
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