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Posted on 15-Feb-2004 00:10 GMT by Raffaele204 comments
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Take a look at this page on Eyetech site. Some good news: Amiga Micro A1 preproduction boards in stock; some bad news: Eyetech reducing its presence in the Amiga Market. Link to the images of Micro A1 pre-production board

Link to the news of the Update of the site

With the announce that Eyetech is reducing its presence into the Amiga world (Classical).

Yes, its true.
After much nagging from our customers we've finally started the restructuring of the site, in line with our transition from Amiga retailer to wholesaler of PPC-based board level products, notably the AmigaOne range. As well as supplying AmigaOne products to other dealers we will be spending an increasing amount of time directly promoting PPC-based board products into industrial and commercial applications running OS4 (out of preference) or Linux, as appropriate.


This refocusing on the PPC-board market also means that our 'Classic Amiga' product range has also been rationalised and reduced, to better reflect what is now available ex-stock. We will not be purchasing any other 'Classic Amiga' stocks in from now on, so 'when its gone, its gone' as they say in B&Q.

Link with the announce of availability of limited quantities of pre-production Micro-A1 boards


These pre-production MicroA1 boards have the following specifications:

Size: 17cm x 17cm x 3.5cm high (excluding PCI riser card)

CPU Module: 8cm x 8cm standard AmigaOne module - 750Fx @ 800MHz

Memory: Single socket SODIMM. 256MB PC133 CL3 supplied

Graphics: Radeon 7000 series, 32MB non-shared memory on board

BIOS: Uboot 1.0.0 socketed, with OS4 enabling code

Southbridge: VIA 82C686B

Ethernet: 10/100 with 3COM 920-ST06 controller

Sound: Cmedia CMI8738 6 ch controller

IDE: 44 way (2.5") and 40 way (3.5") connectors UDMA100

Legacy I/O: Parallel, 2 x PS/2, game/MIDI sockets

Video I/O: 15 pin SVGA, SVHS (miniDIN), composite video (RCA)

Sound: 3.5mm mike, aux and speaker jacks

Fast I/O: RJ45 10/100 ethernet, 2x USB1.0 ; 2 x USB1.0 headers

PCI: PCI-32 slot expandable to 3 x slots via a suitable riser

The board will run with Debian or Yellow Dog Linux, or OS4.0 when available. These boards are not designed to be distributed to the general public and therefore do not fall within the scope of the 'Earlybird' offer.

Finally we have had a few boards made up with a suitable Morex MiniITX case. These cases have space for slimline (notebook style) CD/DVDROM and floppy/flashcard drives, for 1 x 3.5" hard drive and for a single PCI card (using the riser card supplied). They have front panel sound and USB connectors, and a built-in 12v to ATX PSU converter. They are supplied with a universal voltage IEC socket to 12v DC adapter.

Link with the announce of last opportunity to purchase AmigaOne G4 EarlyBird System

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