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[News] AmigaONE and the duel between Amiga and Pegasos mentioned in PC MagazineANN.lu
Posted on 07-May-2004 08:16 GMT by Raffaele55 comments
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On PC Magazine issue of may, John C. Dvorak says that the competition between AmigaONE and Pegasos could be «the best thing to happen to desktop computing in decades». I forwarded these news from Amigart. Quoting:

«"PCMagazine May 4, 2004, page 65 in an article by John C.Dvorak.

"Amiga Not Dead Yet Dept.: When I wrote about the MorphOS initiative, essentially a clean-room redesign of the Amiga OS for the PowerPC, I failed to mention that there is still a lively pure-amiga crowd that is developing a new OS for a PowerPC iteration of the original Amiga.
OS4's implemenatation should modernize and perhaps revitalize the platform. A competition between these two camps could be the best thing to happen to desktop computing in decades.""
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