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[Rant] Trust?ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Mar-2003 03:17 GMT by Atheist234 comments
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There are two sources of hardware to the continuation of the Amiga legacy. Neither side trusts each other, and accusations are flying in both directions. Both companies are in danger of folding, and I am worried... ...worried that, mischief makers on both sides are going to sabotage the other.

Spreading rumors/lies is one thing. If a prospective buyer reads information found all over the internet and asks people their opinions, this will cause minimal damage, and at least they will hopefully buy one of the two systems.

I strongly feel that, in the face of this animosity, it will not be past some users to purchase a system from the side they dislike, damage the board and return it, requesting a refund, having never intended to own it in the first place. I think both sides should agree that any purchaser of either product, sign a form waiving their right to return a board and get a refund. They could use the same form, just it would only have their companies name on it. This must waive actions through the credit card company also, if so purchased.

I am being totally neutral in that it IS in BOTH companies best interests.

We are all grown ups. We KNOW what each product represents. Make a choice, and stick with it, or don't buy one.

This is a most unusal action to be taken, but this is a unique situation, is it not? Again I stress, neither company can afford even 1 person harassing them in such a manner. It costs money and time, bottom line, malicious damage. How can a customer be sued on such a basis?

I have no problem signing such a form as I have chosen a side and am an adult, make choices, and stand by them.

Thierry Predavec, Vancouver, Canada

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