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[Web] AmigaSource reaches 1000+ links!!!ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Oct-2002 05:58 GMT by Scott A Pistorino (Edited on 2002-10-27 17:23:13 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš)1 comments
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www.AmigaSource.com is proud to announce that it has finally reached the 1000+ link mark. (1001 to be exact!) Since it's start a little over 1 year ago AmigaSource has been a solid replacement to the long gone Amiga Web Directory.
With over 40 easy to browse categories and basic search engine just about everything under the sun for the Amiga can be found here. From Software to Hardware, Articles to Shows & Other OS's to Miscellaneous, AmigaSource has attempted to catalog them all.

I have personally spent hundreds of hours locating, verifying & cataloging the 1000+ sites dedicated to the Amiga and computers in general. I ask you to please take the time and drop in, look around, make suggestions, point out errors/mistakes and most importantly add more sites!! If this site has helped just one Amiga user my job is done but I believe it can do MUCH more!!

I would also like everyone to PLEASE spread the word about AmigaSource. If you like what you see please add a link/graphic to my site. I'll do the same for you! I have learned a lot the past year and plan to keep improving the site. I have a few new ideas up my sleeves. Stay tuned!

To everyone who has contacted me in the past year thanks for your support!! To everyone else?? What are you waiting for??

For more information anout the site please visit the updated about AmigaSource page.

Thank you
Scott A Pistorino
P.S. I not taking MY site down and going home!!!
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