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[Web] Back to the Roots: Emulators History ProjectANN.lu
Posted on 14-Feb-2004 17:46 GMT by hippie2000
We want to announce a new service which we started at BTTR, the "Emulators History Project" located at emulators.back2roots.org.

At this location we start to collect source code and binaries of all Amiga emulators ever released. We start with the WinUAE emulator history, other emulators to come later. All emulator versions online can both be downloaded or browsed, which may be helpful for coders working on any Amiga emulator or emulator supporting/addon projects.

It's a difficult task to find all versions ever released, especially when it comes to the source code (which never had a version in it's filename - urghh), that is why we want to ask you for your help to get the collection complete! Please have a look at the current collection of WinUAE files and help us find all missing files (which are marked as red cells):


Thanks in advance for your time and contribution.

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