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[Web] MorphOS SDL Support Website - http://sdl.innoidea.huANN.lu
Posted on 12-May-2004 09:19 GMT by Emeric SH51 comments
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A support page for MorphOS SDL development has been launched. You can track history, download sources and various precompiled ports here, just as well as you can send feedbacks and bug reports. There are many projects around using the widespread Simple Directmedia Layer, which is under active development for AmigaOS and MorphOS. The downloads at the site with short english descriptions and pictures are to encourage development and porting of SDL applications.

As SDL is in active development, even the ports of otherwise "final" releases may contain bugs, so reporting them and providing feedback to developers is highly encouraged.

(Some of the ports require components which will be publicly available in MorphOS 1.5.)

The site is maintained by LouiSe, and a great deal of efforts went into it. Many thanks!

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