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[Web] "From Genesi(s) to Revelation" a HUUUGE interesting Pegasos reviewANN.lu
Posted on 02-Jun-2004 18:57 GMT by Raffaele222 comments
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Professor Fulvio Peruggi illustrious member of Amiga community here in Naples, Italy, wrote a huuuuge review on his new "little monster" Pegasos II G4 machine, regarding what means amiga philosophy, usage of Pegasos, compatibility of programs, productivity, multimedia, office applications, Mac emulation and much, much more. You can find it here (A very omnicomprensive review). News taken from morphozone.org. Also, you can add comments and suggestions regarding this review on the morphzone site.

More... The entire review will be available into italian language also (these are very good news) next week on Miky'060 site: www.pegasos-italia.com.

Enjoy it.
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