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[Events] individual Computers at Classic Gaming Expo 2004ANN.lu
Posted on 15-Aug-2004 02:52 GMT by Jens Schoenfeld10 comments
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The big exhibition for classic computers and video games takes place for the seventh time this year. It is a tribute to the people, systems and games of yesteryear. The event has moved from Las Vegas to San Jose, CA, it takes place in the Convention Center, located downtown San Jose, and is therefore much bigger than the previous years.

More than 60 celebrities that played important roles in development of computers and games in the past 25 years are on the guest list. CGE is open to the public and gamers of all ages are welcome.

Individual Computers will be a guest at the booth of Cloanto. We will show the new Catweasel MK4, which is an ideal complement to their Amiga Forever emulator. The Catweasel controller lets you use Amiga disks, Amiga joysticks, and Amiga keyboards with today's computers.

The Catweasel MK4 will be available starting october 2004.
[Events] C= and Amiga show HollandANN.lu
Posted on 13-Aug-2004 14:59 GMT by Ron1 comments
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Our C= show at August 21th 2004 will be from 10:00 till 16:00 at the Trefpunt, Kerkweg 21, Maarssen, Holland.

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[Events] e.p.i.c. interactive at Games ConventionANN.lu
Posted on 12-Aug-2004 09:58 GMT by Thomas Steiding43 comments
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12.8.2004 e.p.i.c. interactive at Games Convention in Leipzig One of europes largest events for the gaming industry is held 19.-22. of August in Leipzig/Germany. E.p.i.c. interactive will again be present at the show at the stand of our partner company Magnussoft. You will find us in Exhibition centre 3, Stand B10. We will present old and brand new titles on different machines (Apple Macintosh, Linux and Pegasos). We will be happy to meet you there.

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[Events] Interview with Ben Hermans & little goodieANN.lu
Posted on 29-Jul-2004 12:00 GMT by Andreas Magerl32 comments
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A German translation of the interview with Ben Hermans on the AmiWest has been published on the Amiga Future Homepage.


As a special goodie you can find the first two issues of the Amiga Future on the homepage since it became undependent.





We wish lots of fun with it!

[Events] AmiWest 2004 report at amigaworld.orgANN.lu
Posted on 28-Jul-2004 17:42 GMT by Michal29 comments
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I just want to tell you that AmigaWorld.org AmiWest 2004 report is
now on-line at www.amigaworld.org Take Care.. :) and the summer shall warm you all, :)) Michal
[Events] German translate: Garry Hare Banquet SpeechANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jul-2004 14:11 GMT by Andreas Magerl1 comments
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Today we release the german translate from the Garry Hare AmiWest 2004 Banquet Speech on the Amiga Future Page.



[Events] AmiWest 2004 Speeches and InterviewsANN.lu
Posted on 26-Jul-2004 19:14 GMT by AF0 comments
AmigaWorld.net has MP3 recorded Speeches and Interviews from AmiWest 2004 available for download.
[Events] Garry Hare interview mp3 also onlineANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jul-2004 22:58 GMT by Ryu0 comments
Thats right, Tekmage interviewed him a few hours ago and its now avaliable on IntuitionBase.com
Posted on 25-Jul-2004 19:19 GMT by SWAUG NEWS5 comments
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Once again, we have put an online interview given at Amiwest 2004 show on our website.

This time it is with Garry Hare, CEO of KMOS.

[Events] Garry Hare keynote speech mp3 onlineANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jul-2004 13:29 GMT by Ryu9 comments
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Over on IntuitionBase.com You can find the mp3 of Garry Hare's keynote speech that he made yesterday at the end of the AmiWest2004 banquet.
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