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[Motd] MOTD 26/Jul/2004ANN.lu
Posted on 26-Jul-2004 11:35 GMT by Christian Kemp82 comments
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I'm looking for additional front page and/or comments moderator(s), initially just for the month of August. If you are (mostly) impartial towards the various companies, have a few minutes to spare every day, and are interested in helping out, please send me an email to further discuss this.
[Motd] MOTD 20/7/2004ANN.lu
Posted on 20-Jul-2004 07:55 GMT by Christian Kemp5 comments
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ANN was inaccessible for some time this morning due to what looks like changes on Dreamhost's end that caused some scripts to fail. I changed my scripts in one place, and reset permissions in another; and everything should be running again.
[Motd] Amiga Alpe Adria 2004ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Jun-2004 09:45 GMT by Christian Kemp11 comments
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I just reserved my flight for Amiga Alpe Adria 2004. Who else is going?
[Motd] Legal threats?ANN.lu
Posted on 06-Apr-2004 07:24 GMT by Christian Kemp (Edited on 2004-04-06 10:09:44 GMT by Christian Kemp)1057 comments
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I am currently being threatened by my former employer (they are "compelled [to] take action against [me]") for the way I am running ANN, and how this allegedly violates my employment contract with them ("interfere _in any manner_ with any business relationship between the Company and any of its customers or business partners"). This might entail drastic changes to the relative freedom of speech ANN has always allowed its visitors, or ANN might close down altogether. Updated 10:00 CET.
[Motd] MOTD 24/3/2004ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Mar-2004 22:08 GMT by Christian Kemp (Edited on 2004-03-24 23:54:48 GMT by Christophe Decanini)17 comments
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Just a short note: I've noticed that an increasing number of people are using anonymizer URLs or CGI proxies when postings news items. Depending on the time of the day, my current work load, and how much time I have to do moderation tasks (currently not a lot), such items are very likely to be removed, rather than edited. A lot of these links just flat out don't work for anyone other than the person submitting the news item, and as such the quick fix is to just delete the entire item, rather than wait for the end of the day to be able to edit, and in the meanwhile have hundreds of people click on a link that doesn't work...

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[Motd] MOTD 6/Feb/2004ANN.lu
Posted on 06-Feb-2004 12:45 GMT by Christian Kemp (Edited on 2004-02-06 13:46:00 GMT by Christian Kemp)89 comments
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Some of you might be aware that I signed a full-time employment contract with Genesi S.à.r.l. in Luxembourg to start December 15th 2003. I didn't make an official announcement on ANN because I didn't plan (and expect) it to change anything as far as ANN was/is concerned. I spent most of January 2004 telecommuting from the United States, but unfortunately, not everything worked out the way I had expected it to, and yesterday I handed in my resignation with Genesi. Next Monday, I will be starting at a new job in Luxembourg. Once more, this should not influence ANN in any major way, except that my available time might be more limited, and I will probably not be able to do any moderations or updates during the day.
[Motd] New advertiser: HyperionANN.lu
Posted on 02-Feb-2004 12:19 GMT by Christian Kemp118 comments
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I'm happy to announce that ANN.lu reached an agreement with Hyperion for the banner space on the vertical navigation bar. The deal is exclusive and long-term, and ANN's banner spaces are once again fully booked. Advertisement banners and Paypal donations ensure the long-term survival of ANN.lu, so I am fortunate to have such strong partnerships with KDH-Datentechnik, Vesalia and now Hyperion. I am also grateful for the select few individuals who donated money via Paypal. Thanks!
[Motd] MOTD 05/Oct/2003ANN.lu
Posted on 05-Oct-2003 11:40 GMT by Christian Kemp1 comments
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Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the Benelux Amiga & Pegasos Show in Rotterdam this weekend. However, if anyone who attended needs a (free) place to host pictures and/or video of the show, please let me know.
[Motd] MOTD 01/Oct/03ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Oct-2003 19:38 GMT by Christian Kemp (Edited on 2003-10-01 22:02:43 GMT by Christian Kemp)12 comments
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Who's going to the Benelux Amiga Show/Benelux Pegasos Show this weekend? If I'm going (and it looks like I might :), I want to know when the most people will be present...

Also, in today's news: I uploaded a new search script which should behave better in some ways, and should have few speed improvements. However, bear in mind that it still has to search up to 6700 news items, and is running in a shared hosting environment, so results can't be instant.

[Motd] MOTD 29/Sep/03ANN.lu
Posted on 29-Sep-2003 19:30 GMT by Christian Kemp (Edited on 2003-09-29 21:31:42 GMT by Christian Kemp)15 comments
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I just added a new Events category that is supposed to hold (a) announcements about shows or events and (b) reports from shows or events, as well a (c) anything related to this. The category is displayed by default, but if you have cookies or bookmarks over-riding that you might want to update your settings.

On an unrelated topic, I'm looking for a low-profile (half-height) PCI graphics card, capable of delivering 1280x1024 in 32bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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