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[News] New PCI bridge solution for Zorro III Amiga systemsANN.lu
Posted on 28-Mar-2001 22:44 GMT by Christian Kemp38 comments
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Grzegorz Juraszek wrote: "Prometheus" is the most advanced PCI bridge adapter available for Amiga computers equipped with Zorro III expansion slots.
Warsaw, March 29, 2001

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest product - "Prometheus" card for Amiga.

It is the most advanced PCI bridge adapter available for Amiga computers equipped with Zorro III expansion slots. With "Prometheus", a world of cheap, standard PCI cards opens before you! Some features of the product:

- Works with any Zorro III equipped Amiga, regardless of the turbo/processor card installed in the system,
- Four 32-bit PCI slots clocked with 33 MHz,
- Fits any tower case, also works with desktop A3000/4000s when open,
- Works with other Zorro III cards, supports AutoConfig (TM),
- Real transfer rates between Amiga and PCI cards - up to 12 MB/s,
- Real transfer rates between PCI cards - up to 120 MB/s,
- Additional on-board connector for the power supply,
- Professionally designed four-layer printed-circuitboard with gold-galvanized contacts - complies the PCI standard specifications.

Together with the "Prometheus" card we bundle a CD-ROM with:

- Drivers for the Voodoo3 graphics card, developed in close co-operation with Hyperion and the authors of Picasso96. 2D drivers work under the P96 system, 3D functions are available through Warp3D,
- Drivers for a sound card and a network card,
- A completely FREE software development kit for programmers. There is no need to sign NDA and no additional fees - we want to make "Prometheus" the most open PCI bridge solution as far as the drivers development goes,
- Demo versions of the games that use the 3D functions of Voodoo3: Heretic 2, Shogo.
The "Prometheus" package also contains multi-lingual reference manual (also in English), holders for the bridge and PCI cards and the extension cord for a graphics card.

Prometheus - no promises, just solutions.

Our webpage: Matay For information about Prometheus in English, contact Grzegorz Juraszek: e-mail: mailto:fei@matay.pl or cel. phone: +48 609 394778 (from 10 am to 6 pm).
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