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Posted on 18-Mar-2002 14:03 GMT by Christian Kemp28 comments
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I suppose a return to moderated operation on ANN has long been overdue, so I'm considering that for the near future, hopefully with the support of the moderators. It has also become clear that a lot of people want to discuss industry news that might or might not relate to the Amiga - but there has been an equal amount of people complaining about such postings. Therefore, a "generic news" category might become necessary. Equally, quite a few voices have requested forums, while others have complained about the Unmoderated section being used as such. Therefore, a "forum" category seems logical. What do you think?
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Comment 1Johan "Graak" Forsberg18-Mar-2002 13:20 GMT
Comment 2AndyC18-Mar-2002 13:24 GMT
Comment 3Graham18-Mar-2002 13:43 GMT
Comment 4Bennymee18-Mar-2002 13:52 GMT
Comment 5Ben18-Mar-2002 13:56 GMT
Comment 6Christian Kemp18-Mar-2002 14:08 GMT
Comment 7Anonymous18-Mar-2002 14:09 GMT
Comment 8Lennart Fridén18-Mar-2002 14:32 GMT
Comment 9Frank18-Mar-2002 14:36 GMT
Comment 10Budda18-Mar-2002 14:54 GMT
Comment 11Budda18-Mar-2002 14:55 GMT
Comment 12Anonymous18-Mar-2002 15:56 GMT
Comment 13Christophe Decanini18-Mar-2002 16:12 GMT
Comment 14The_Editor18-Mar-2002 16:32 GMT
Comment 15AmiTroll18-Mar-2002 16:44 GMT
Comment 16smithy18-Mar-2002 18:07 GMT
Comment 17NihilVor18-Mar-2002 18:12 GMT
Comment 18Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso18-Mar-2002 18:24 GMT
Comment 19Dr. Righteous18-Mar-2002 19:05 GMT
Comment 20smithy18-Mar-2002 20:58 GMT
Comment 21Wayne Hunt18-Mar-2002 21:52 GMT
Comment 22darklite18-Mar-2002 22:20 GMT
Comment 23George Wyche19-Mar-2002 00:32 GMT
Comment 24Ed Dana19-Mar-2002 03:52 GMT
Comment 25Ed Dana19-Mar-2002 03:52 GMT
Comment 26Rodney McDonell19-Mar-2002 06:34 GMT
Comment 27Christian Kemp19-Mar-2002 08:40 GMT
Comment 28Johan Rönnblom19-Mar-2002 21:56 GMT
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