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[Files] GFX-BASE: New version of AmiStart released and AmiStart-websiteANN.lu
Posted on 19-Sep-2002 08:16 GMT by NARR11 comments
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Darius Brewka released v.063 of AmiStart. AmiStart is a Windows-like startmenu and quick-launch bar with drag&drop support and a very customizable GUI which allows transparency, rounded edges, background-patterns and much more. In this new version, AmiStart now also provides so-called Shape-Layer, which are customizable and programmable Skins for controlling external applications via Arexx. (For examples there's a cool looking skin for Songplayer available already). Read more about the new AmiStart website powered by GFX-BASE. We have created a website for AmiStart, which is now hosted at GFX-BASE, where you can now download exclusively the new version of AmiStart and a new Songplayer Skin, have a look at some screenshots annd check out the new features. You will find the link to the AmiStart website at the navigation on the left ('hosted sites').
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