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[News] Why Queue Up?????ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Sep-2002 20:48 GMT by Mikey C44 comments
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The World of Amiga show is fast approaching, there is just over a month to go to one of the most eagerly anticipated Amiga shows this year.

As always, doors will be open at 12 Noon, However, like last year we anticipate a large queue at opening time. So if you want to waltz past everyone, why not get your tickets before the show?

Buy five tickets or more and you pay only 3.00 each instead of the usual 3.50 per ticket.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from the following Amiga dealers;

Forematt Home Computing: http://www.forematt.co.uk
(Visa, Mastercard and Cash)

Kicksoft: http://www.kicksoft.co.uk
(Visa, Mastercard, Delta, JCB, Solo, Switch and Cash)

Even more interesting news soon!

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