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Posted on 04-Oct-2002 13:57 GMT by Alkis Tsapanidis114 comments
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Phase II Team Betatester and Betatester II, Frankfurt:

The Betatester Program has been very successful and we need to
acknowledge the reliable support we have received from most of our
Betatesters for the Pegasos and MorphOS. Thanks!
If you are a Core MorphOS Developer, a Qualified Betatester, or a
Phase II Betatester (to be explained) we will organize and cover
your travel and lodging expenses to the Betatester II Conference
in Frankfurt, Germany. The Conference is currently scheduled for 12 October.
We understand that we need to push the date back so that plans can
be made and we can maximize the opportunity to make this
gathering as meaningful and productive as possible.
The new date will be 14-15 December at the Hilton Hotel, Frankfurt.

Get ready! M-Day is here!
1. On 12 October version 1.0 of MorphOS will be released to all Betatesters.
2. The week of 13 October the Pegasos Betatester mainboard will be released to Resellers. It is STILL a "Betatester."
3. On 12 October Phase II of Team Betatester will begin.

About the Betatester II Conference
If you are Core MorphOS Developer you are automatically included.
If you are a "qualified" Betatester (you have been sending your bug
reports, testing applications, etc.) you are included.
If you purchase a Betatester in October and port an application or
develop an original program for MorphOS to demonstrate at
Betatester II you are *eligible* to be included.
If you have an interesting hardware development or special hardware
skills required to test and experiment with the Pegasos
you are *eligible* for Phase II of the Betatester Program
and can be included.

If you are a Graphic Artist, a Demo Scene producer, or a Web
Designer and you have something to show us that captures the spirit
of the future we want to create with Team Betatester, you are
*eligible* and can be included.
The websites to be created are www.pegasosppc.com and www.pegasosppc.org.

We will provide travel and lodging for up to 100 Developers/Betatesters.
To register and be considered you must email your full contact
information to betatester@thendic-france.com before 20 October.

After 14 October Betatester machines can be purchased from these
known distributors/resellers:

Master Distributors:
Germany http://www.vesalia.de
France http://www.aps.fr


France http://www.pegasos-france.com
Germany http://www.kdh-shop24.de
Spain http://www.amigasuperbit.com
Italy http://www.virtualworks.it
Holland http://www.compcity.nl
Poland http://efunzine.pegasos.pl/
Sweden http://www.ggsdata.se
Suisse http://www.pegasos-suisse.com
Denmark http://www.kiwimultimedia.dk
Austria http://www.pointdesign.at/

USA and Canada details coming soon!

Also at Betatester II...
<BR< We will present the strategic plan for MorphOS, the Pegasos and the eclipsis.

We will present the first peripheral devices: a wireless camera, a
smart card reader, and the DataPlay disc drive. They will all work
with the Pegasos and depending on what activity each Betatester
is involved with in the future these devices will be given
to Betatesters for testing/development. All Betatesters
will receive the Thendic card reader and a Betatester
Smart Card that enables secure FTP access to the Betatester II
application library and loyalty program.

We will also award 1000 Euros for the best program ported to
MorphOS, the best Demo, and the best hardware innovation presented
at the Conference. The results will be determined by a popular vote
of the 100 Developers/Betatesters present and the Thendic/bplan
Team. Each person has one vote.

The Conference begins at 1000 14 December. The formal presentations
begin at 1500 and end at 1800. From 1000 to 1800 only
Developers/Betatesters and the Thendic/bplan Team will be admitted.
At 1800 until 2400 the Conference will be open to all interested
parties and a buffet style "working" dinner will be provided
with coffee and drinks. All others admitted for the evening
demonstration from will receive a Betatester II T-Shirt.
The cost of entry for interested parties is 20 Euros.
However, anyone having purchased a Betatester and not already
a Conference participant will be admitted free.
Sunday, 15 December the Conference will be open from 1000 until
1500. The voting for the contests will be at 1200. The cost of entry
for interested parties is 20 Euros. A buffet lunch will be
served and coffee and drinks will be provided. Again, anyone having
purchased a Betatester and not already a Conference participant
will be admitted free.
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The M-day has come! : Comment 37 of 114ANN.lu
Posted by Janne Sirén on 05-Oct-2002 09:55 GMT
In reply to Comment 31 (Mikey C):
>It is called Total Amiga because it focuses on Amiga only, if we
>started featuring MorphOS then perhaps we should call it Partial
>Amiga. - Duh!
Yeah, well, I guess that is where some people disagree with you. I really commend you for your efforts concerning events and editorial coverage of things Amiga, and I wish you the best of luck with those endeavours. However, I do have to agree with the people who object to the quote above.
I personally feel that covering the activities surrounding this community is extremely easy. Well, that is my personal opinion. It is not hard to draw boundaries if one is not overly keen on politics. I personally can easily identify a number of "camps" that I'd consider part of the Amiga community and technologies that relate to Amiga.
These are AmigaOS and related technology such as Classic Amiga and AmigaOne, the AmigaDE due to its Amiga Inc. connection, AROS due to its heritage and its AmigaOS compatibility, Amithlon/AmigaOSXL/UAE/Amiga Forever due to their Amiga emulation capabilities, and MorphOS/Pegasos due to its heritage, Amiga compatibility, ability to run on Amigas etc.
Browsing the Amiga forums and newsgroups these days it is quite easy, in my opinion, at least for the liberal mind, to see these things forming a group of issues that has one thing in common - they are all related to the Amiga, and are of interest to some or all of the people that associate themselves with the Amiga community, whatever that may be.
One can, obviously, throw in the argument that "well then, why not just add Linux, Mac and Windows" to this group as well, but I do not believe any of them has really such a strong connection to the Amiga as the technologies listed above. I think the major differentiating factor being the Amiga compatibility and heritage. However, that being said, covering Linux and Mac and even Windows as far as they relate to the technologies above does make some sense - i.e. e.g. I'm sure no one here would object to reviewing Mac emulation in an Amiga magazine.
So, from my perspective, there clearly is a group of technologies that stand separated from the mainstream and other non-mainstream groups. I'm personally not choosing any sides, nor am I making claims on what the definite Amiga or what is not. I recognize the trademarks, but I also recognize huge efforts elsewhere to cater for the needs of the community that has been mistreated for so long. As much as anyone, I hate to see people not get along, but I still feel the alternative technologies have every right to be here.
So, I do encourage you to keep an open your mind to the concept of covering under the name Total Amiga more than just products flowing from the official source. No matter how much many of us would like to the Commodore days when it was clear to define an Amiga, things have changed. Custom technology is no longer the keyword, and even on the software side we have much more alternatives. Covering this in an Amiga magazine would be, in my opinion, a reasonable thing to do. Your implication that these things are not part of a "totally Amiga" experience, is in my opinion inaccurate.
Feel free to disagree, though. I have made my case above and I look forward to your reply. And I look forward to hearing from your experiences at WOASE as well, perhaps that experience will strenghten your openmindedness. I hope so, at least. Perhaps someone working on your magazine could download MorphOS for their Amiga...? Its not like reviewing softare running Amigas is not Amiga related? :-)
Having said all this, I do recognize the difficulty of finding skilled and motivated people to write articles, but I think making the effort of opening the magazine to these kinds of things could bear fruit in this regard as well?
As for personal contributions, this is exactly the policy (or more precisely, lack there of) we have been employing in our own user group and e-zine activities here in Finland. Everybody is welcome. Every alternative is considered and given the opportunity to grow and get attention. People can then choose and make up their minds, and the markets will decide what lives and what does not. So, before anyone claims me to be an armchair critic, let me reiterate: I'm walking the walk.
So, in closing, good luck to your efforts! I'm thrilled to see so many user group activities these days all around the world.
#38 Bill Hoggett
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