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Posted on 16-Oct-2002 15:24 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä16 comments
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Robert Du Gaue and Harv Laser wrote this article about the Amiwest show for California Computer News.

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(Im)Patient Amigas : Comment 12 of 16ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 17-Oct-2002 19:36 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (Casey R Williams):
LOL! Well, actually I'm not LOLing. You're painfully correct, and it's damn sad.
AmigaOS could have lived on under the Amiga name. Instead the latest in the line of trademark owners went ahead and killed it off for real this time. Today, the closest related successor seems to be MorphOS. Of course I'm open and eager to try MorphOS out (as well as OpenBeOS, etc, etc), and it hurts to see the most braindead trademark fanatics say things like "if AmigaOS dies I'll go to X/Y/Z - but NEVER to MorphOS!". Retards. If a Belgian lawyer hadn't had his say, then what's known as MorphOS would BE AmigaOS today, using the preciousssssssss trademark.
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