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[Files] "PaperBlue" workbench skin set test released!ANN.lu
Posted on 28-Nov-2002 03:39 GMT by CnlPepper15 comments
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Download it here: PaperBlue.lha

I've decided to release this test due to being asked repeatedly if I could modify my OS4 concept GUI skin to use visualprefs and birdie! :) Hope you like it. If you don't know what I'm talking about see here: Amiga.org thread
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Comment 1CnlPepper28-Nov-2002 02:40 GMT
Comment 2Iggy Drougge28-Nov-2002 06:54 GMT
Comment 3priest28-Nov-2002 07:05 GMT
Comment 4Michel De Meerleer28-Nov-2002 07:24 GMT
Comment 5catohagen28-Nov-2002 08:00 GMT
Comment 6catohagen28-Nov-2002 08:09 GMT
Comment 7Hagge28-Nov-2002 09:29 GMT
Comment 8Björn Hagström28-Nov-2002 10:21 GMT
Comment 9Emeric SH28-Nov-2002 10:39 GMT
Comment 10catohagen28-Nov-2002 10:48 GMT
Comment 11Jammoricai28-Nov-2002 11:25 GMT
Comment 12Nowee28-Nov-2002 12:08 GMT
Comment 13CnlPepper28-Nov-2002 17:36 GMT
Comment 14Darren Eveland29-Nov-2002 04:16 GMT
Comment 15pixie30-Nov-2002 02:47 GMT
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