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[News] MOL (MacOnLinux) Available For AmigaOne.ANN.lu
Posted on 11-Dec-2002 14:04 GMT by James15 comments
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(Source: Amigart.com) "Ross Vumbaca has compiled MacOnLinux for Amigaone.
"You can download it from: mol-amigaone-0.96.7.deb
What is the file? The file is a Debian package of Mac On Linux + kernel modules, for people running Linux on their AmigaOne machines.
Why use this package? This is a very recent version of Mac On Linux, which works on the AmigaOne's non-OpenFirmware firmware." P.S.: You will need Ross Vumbaca's Linux ppc kernel and kernel modules from http://amigaone-linux.sourceforge.net
This version of MOL is only tested on AmigaOnes with Voodoo3 boards. There may be some problems with Radeon boards...Also you need to use Debian distro on A1"
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