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[Motd] Happy new year!ANN.lu
Posted on 31-Dec-2002 13:57 GMT by Christian Kemp20 comments
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ANN.lu wishes everybody a happy new year, and good luck for whatever 2003 might bring. Live your dreams! :)
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Comment 1ToDi31-Dec-2002 13:22 GMT
Comment 2volm31-Dec-2002 13:24 GMT
Comment 3MonkeyOS31-Dec-2002 13:30 GMT
Comment 4Rik Sweeney31-Dec-2002 13:38 GMT
Comment 5takemehomegrandma31-Dec-2002 14:01 GMT
Comment 6Don Cox31-Dec-2002 14:22 GMT
Comment 7catohagen31-Dec-2002 14:32 GMT
Comment 8Don Cox31-Dec-2002 14:42 GMT
Comment 9Trizt31-Dec-2002 20:26 GMT
Comment 10Troels Ersking31-Dec-2002 20:36 GMT
Comment 11RDB Killer31-Dec-2002 23:59 GMT
Comment 12RPM01-Jan-2003 01:35 GMT
Comment 13Lando01-Jan-2003 04:17 GMT
Comment 14Johan "Graak" Forsberg01-Jan-2003 05:50 GMT
Comment 15Frans01-Jan-2003 08:12 GMT
Comment 16Budda01-Jan-2003 12:37 GMT
Comment 17Rael01-Jan-2003 17:22 GMT
Comment 18smithy01-Jan-2003 18:01 GMT
Comment 19JoannaK01-Jan-2003 23:56 GMT
Comment 20Gerbinist02-Jan-2003 00:33 GMT
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