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Posted on 10-Feb-2003 20:24 GMT by Jens Schönfeld6 comments
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News update from individual Computers

New linux drivers for the Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper
Amiga One supports PCI POST code display
New distribution channel
Deathbed Vigil DVD in stock
higher shipment cost starting march 1st, 2003
Dirk 'Doj' Jagdmann has updated his Linux-drivers for the Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper. In addition to SID functions, joysticks and an Amiga keyboard is now supported. The drivers, as well as the source codes, can be found on the author's website: http://llg.cubic.org/cw/.

The Amiga One now supports our PCI POST code display. The diagnostic tool shows valuable information during system startup that can be debuggin-information for developers, or give hints for technicians in case of a defect. The cooperation with the development team of the Amiga One and Amiga OS4 has also been intensified on another field: Parts of the source code for the keyboard driver for the Catweasel MK3 have been given to Hyperion.

We're especially happy to announce that individual Computers has found a new distribution channel: The wholesaler APi has started selling the PCI POST code display under article number 11008. Several tenthousand PC-resellers and workshops now have an easy possibility to get hold of this useful tool. APi does not sell to end users.

Deathbed vigil DVD in stock: The must-have collector's item, the DVD-edition of Dave Haynie's movie about Commodore's demise and lots of bonus material is available and in stock. It's a DVD+R in NTSC video standard. All players convert automatically from NTSC to PAL-60 if necessary. Since some stand-alone DVD players have problems with DVD+R media, please check for compatibility before you buy. In any case, the DVD can be played back with a PC. The best thing: Each DVD has Dave Haynie's signature! Price: 39,- EUR.

Bad news at the end: The Deutsche Paketpost has informed us in an automatic mailing that shipment cost will go up by more than 68% on march 1st, 2003. Therefore, we can only offer the special domestic rates of 4,- EUR for pre-paid goods and 8,- EUR for cash-on-delivery until the end of this month. Starting march 2003, we'll only ship with the Deutsche Paketpost in exceptional cases, we're already negotiating with UPS and DPD/German parcel service. International shipping rates are not affected.
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