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Posted on 25-Feb-2003 14:06 GMT by Ben Yoris24 comments
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Dream On is a development studio for handheld consoles (particularly Nintendo's GameBoy Advance) and next gen consoles, which arose out of the Infogrames Lyon House studio.
Our goal is quite simply to deliver quality games at competitive prices with maximum efficiency.

Some people in DreamOn were or are still Amiga related : one of our coder, Laurent K. used to code demos on his A500-A1200, our main artist Philippe D. is the creator of Mr.Nutz and did the gfx work on Toki, Ocean Beach Volley, Ivanhoe etc... all on Amiga. Ben Yoris is also known for his implication in the french Amiga community and press. And last but not least, our musician is ... Allister Brimble !

We're ready to work with any publishers of content in the gaming industry and we have a strong experience in next gen and handheld production.

Have a look on our website.
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